Dr. Ann Amuta, African home or abroad

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U.S based Nigerian doctor, Ann Amuta is quite the African woman and you just gotta love her.

Dr. Ann Amuta

Being resident in the United states and even married to a white man, one would think she’d hurriedly deny her African roots, let alone remember being Nigerian. But no, Doctor Ann is a breath of fresh air in the world of African immigrants. She never fails to remember the world that she is Nigerian and in fact, proud to be.

Ann backing her baby proudly the African style

She also has a kind heart, the type that are so scarce in the world today that you nay have to look through a microscope to break through to one out of a hundred.
She is known for giving absolutely free tips to aspiring immigrants and youths interested in studying abroad.

She has a Youtube channel where she literally spells out unbelievably generous guides that people would normally charge an eye for. Besides the fact that its fun, its also very educative, especially for those aspiring to study abroad.

Here’s one of her giving tips on how to apply for scholarships with the perfect essay.

And there are so many left where that came from.

Well,  all of these aren’t why I’m gushing about Ann Amuta today. Nuh uh. Here’s why.

Yesterday, Ann Amuta took to her Twitter page @amuta_ann to share tips about the perils of immigrants in the United States of America. She highlighted how Africans are likely to get treated, spelling out the different types of treatments one is likely to get as an immigrant.

She wrote;

“As an African immigrant in America you will experience 2 types of discrimination: Type 1 is from SOME White people: it’s a ‘pity’ type. They don’t hate you, they mostly feel like you come from poverty and feel bad for you. So you’re treated ‘well’ and asked a million questions about Africa because many white Americans have a plan to do missions or at least visit the African Safari.

“Type 2: from SOME Black Americans.
This is the one you don’t see coming but hurts the most. They call you ugly, make fun of your accent, your food, call you ‘African booty scratcher’. Say you smell, make sure to differentiate themselves from you because you’re African.

“So, you’re inherently lonely because the people you thought would love you don’t and look down on you.

“The people you thought will hate you, pity you…it’s a lose lose situation.

“But the people my hearts hurts for are the African children who move to America with their parents at a young vulnerable age. They lose their identity and find it hard to fit in anywhere. That’s why you find many of these children, now adults, hate the fact that they’re African because they were so ridiculed by black Americans for their names, accents, food, ‘nappy hair’ dark skin, etc that they stripped every ‘Africanness’ in them to fit in.

“This is the most heartbreaking thing because being African is absolutely BEAUTIFUL 😍

“This is why I am committed to making sure my children know and experience Nigeria. Have a strong relationship with my family in Nigeria, and read African literature. So that they are proud & knowledgeable of their African heritage”

Wow! Quite the deal isn’t it? Must be tough.

You know that saying about the small fish in a big pond? Well, make that a big nasty ocean and you’ve got this situation covered.

I feel so sorry for the people going through this. I bet they wish they’d stayed in their small ponds and be kings there.

Lucky for them,  Ann Amuta is a lifeguard on duty and she’s ready to swing right to the rescue.

Ann Amuta is Afreekahna’s woman crush Wednesday because she keeps it real and African home or abroad. Of this we are proud.

Africa is beautiful.
Never forget that.



  1. She’s an exemplary African. True to her roots and heritage. Love her.

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